Wednesday, October 17, 2007

*GASP!!!* there are only 10 Weeks until Christmas!

Somewhere between running a business, keeping house, and raising a slew of kids the holiday season has crept up on us! Thanksgiving is 5 weeks away....with Christmas racing up behind it just a mere 10 weeks away!!!! Before we know it, we'll be pulling the hats and gloves on and trudging to the mall for last minute gifts for Aunt Mildred and Uncle Fred. (names have been changed to protect the innocent) I wonder what would happen if we decided to have a "giftless" Christmas?!? For one, the season would be alot less stressful...but there would be no element of anticipation and feeling of joy when we find the "perfect gift"! Christmas memories.... Mom reminded me of a not-so-good Christmas memory when we were little girls....on a whim we booked a flight to Jamaica to enjoy a warmer Christmas and spent all of Christmas eve and Christmas day in the Philly airport with NO HEAT! Another year we flew to Disney World and spent Christmas Day in the rain! As all kids do, we waited with great anticipation each year for Christmas morning to arrive...inevitably, we were subject to a "scavenger hunt", of sorts, to try and find the gifts that weren't under the tree!!! I think it was Dad's way of making us chill out and not be so greedy!!! To this day our kids know to expect something spontanious on Christmas Day.... more Christmas memories to come........

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Anonymous said...

Finally got it! love thinking back on all the Christmases past and looking forward to this one coming 10 weeks! yikes! Better get to Lulu & Tutz and do some shopping!