Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What a treat!

The sweetest young girl just stopped in to look around. It was quite obvious she wasn't from around these parts of PA as soon as she said "hello"! She and her friends were from Switzerland, traveling all around the USA...from Washington D.C., NYC, PA, Vermont, all the way to Washington State, Chicago, and then back home again! Sounds like FUN!!! It's always a real treat to meet people from all around the world...we're so different, and yet so strikingly familar!
It's amazing how one day moves into the next, and before you know it, it's October and there are pumpkins around every corner! Summer fades into Fall so suddenly that I almost missed it...almost didn't get a chance to say goodbye to another good season! The leaves on the yard abruptly reminded me this morning- Fall is here, and I'd better start mentally preparing to rake!!!
Around the shop we're hearing people talking about starting their Christmas shopping soon. (We're happy to hear that!) But, at the same time, so much of the beauty and treasure of Christmas can get lost in the haste of shopping for just the right gift. Though we make our living off of "the shoppers", our personal lives reflect quite differently....the joy of family, the sweetness of tradition, and the beauty of a Baby's birth....those are the things we treasure at Christmas time and on every other page of the calendar!
Speaking of Christmas....I think I'll download last year's pics from both our family's Christmas cards....visuals are good, you'll get a feel for who's behind the words you read!
For today, enjoy the season of Fall....don't miss its' beauty and the wonder of all it beholds.

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