Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Christmas Open House!!!

The countdown begins...We are officially thinking Christmas! Even though it seems like we just packed away last year's Christmas is that time again at Lulu & Tutz!
We are unpacking, pricing, and planning- all in anticipation of our First Christmas Open House next Friday!!! It coincides with Strasburg's Third Friday event. The sweet pink house is just a little tiny taste of things to come!!! I could seriously pack a box and move into it!!! I wonder how Strasburg would react to my painting my little brick house pink and spraying glitter all over it??? Not too fondly, I suspect...but how cute is this thing!?!?
The night will be complete with cookies and Sipping Chocolate....hope we can tempt you to stop by for the first glimpse of Christmas in the Shop!
I can't believe I just caught myself humming "Jingle Bells"...bad for business, I better start scouting out the Christmas albums!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Fun,Fun we are also working on ours starting the 19th, sorry putting in my own plug! I have already been playing Christmas music and Matt thinks I am nuts, I tried to put it on at Cottonwood but Sondra thought I too was out of my mind, what can I say I love it! Hopefully we can stop by!
Love Ya!