Saturday, March 29, 2008

Teapots, trendy place settings, and little toes!

*Rosanna place settings*

They've finally arrived!!!

We've been unpacking, pricing, and displaying some of the sweetest new items this week! It was beginning to feel like Spring was never coming, and our shelves were starting to look a little tired, too! Finally...the boxes we've been waiting for have begun to arrive in a steady flow!!! It's like Christmas every time the UPS guy stops by!!! Poor guy...he must seriously HATE seeing our name on his route!!! The acrobatic lengths he has to go to in order to reach the back room with our boxes!!! We must think about getting him some leotards and slippers! Sorry, it just can't be helped...our customers want MORE STUFF!!!

So, here's a little peek into this week's arrivals...


*Sweet socks for sweet little feet...*

There's much more to see...and much more to come. We're savoring seeing familiar faces peeking in the windows and walking through the door! We hope you'll join us soon....stop in and take a break from whatever is keeping you busy. Have some sipping chocolate, or stop down the street for a cup of tea and take a stroll through the town.

We promise you won't regret taking a breather!


Kazilar said...

See please here

Joanne said...

Thanks so much coming to visit me At the Picket Fence. Your encouraging words are very appreciated. The photo of your storefront looks perfectly charming and I wish I could come by and take that breather you were speaking of in the blog. I look forward to checking in on your blog later.