Wednesday, May 28, 2008

cheap labor

Emma, #7 of the 9 collective off-spring, decided to work with me at the shop yesterday. I snapped a quick shot of her bagging a customer's purchase. With summer vacation coming SOON, I imagine any number of those offspring could be milling around in here! We may have to expand the "tv room" in the back to accomodate all the growing body parts! "("Lulu & Tutz" our cute years!)
When we were little girls Mom had a little shop,"The Tole Booth Shop", in our home on Main St in Strasburg, that tourists wandered in and out of...I believe we convinced some of them we were Amish one time! They even took pictures of us to take home! Do we LOOK Amish?!?

(Lulu & Tutz in our awkward...and skinny...years!) our teen years, Dad dreamed up and created "The Strasburg Country Store and Creamery" which is next door to us. (The best ice cream in Lancaster County, I believe!) Mom ran the Country Store and we both scooped more ice cream than we care to remember!

I suppose some of their creative blood passed down through us...
which is why we enjoy keeping it all in the family today!


amy said...

Wow!!! Great History!

Retroboutiques said...

Love that history! No wonder you two have such a successful business!