Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tales of a 4th Grade teacher...

What fabulous timing!!!
I had a bit of a "blog-block" this morning...wishing to add something eye-catching and wonderful...but empty of all thought! BUT, about an hour ago one of our favorite people walked through the doors of Lulu & Tutz to say hello! And, there it next post!
I was an awkward 4th grader, (and a little afraid of Mrs. Whitney at first, according to my mom!) but if you're lucky, at least once you'll have a great teacher that changes the way you feel about learning! Mrs. Whitney did that for me...and although it has been MaNy years since I sported my 4th grade bobby socks, it hasn't been THAT long that I don't get warm fuzzies when she stops by to say hello!
I don't think Tammi was ever blessed to have Mrs. Whitney for a teacher, but she gets the same warm fuzzies when she sees her, too! Probably because she exudes sweetness and cares for everyone she comes across. (And, by the way...apparently Mrs. W has discovered the fountain of she is perpetually young!!!)
Thank you, Mrs. Whitney for caring enough to love us through
our awkward years and continue to love us today!!! (Oh, gosh...I hope I used my grammer correctly...I hope I did not forget to dot my "i's" and cross my "t's", and used at least 5 vocab words!)

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