Monday, August 11, 2008

We're back!

Admittedly, while my body is back in PA, my mind and heart is still hanging out somewhat in Louisiana! We had an awesome week....and getting back to business after a great experience like we had is REALLY hard to do! But...we are back. I had more hot meals in Louisiana than I've ever had in 7 consecutive days!!! The hospitality of those we worked near was incredible! Someone was always asking who was making us our next meal...they were ready to get down to it in their own kitchens! I'm not a seafood person, so I'm sure some of the excitement was lost on me, but I really enjoyed the sense of community that these people enjoy. I think I've gained 10 pounds (of rice!) since I left!!! I'll be eating bland leafy things for a while! Today is Tammi's I'll have to break down and have a piece of cake...but after that, NO SUGAR or heavy CARBS for a while! The shop looks the same as it did a week ago...thanks to Tammi and my mom who took my place every day while I was gone. I'm not sure, but mom may be on bedrest for the rest of the week...she took on alot of hours she's not used to AND kept my daughter all week!

Thanks, guys, for letting me take off for a week and filling in my shoes while I was gone!!!
Love you!!!


The lady of the house... said...

that is HILARIOUS that i took pics of your parents home and dreamed about who grew up funny!!!
welcome home! be refreshed and inspired this week.

Sharon said...

Hi girls!
What fun to see our house on the LADY OF THE HOUSE blog! I left a note there.
Enjoyed extra time in the shop last week while you were away, Tutz, and having Emma here as well. I am sure it is hard to get back into the groove here at home after such a good week of ministry.
After the LONG day yesterday at Hershey Park with the family, I am slowly getting into my day here at home...and getting ready for the long trip to Mass. on Friday...with all 13 of us in a big van! Thank the Lord for iPods and books!
Praying it will be a good week at Lulu & Tutz!

amy said...

It sounds like a wonderful week!
Quite a memory maker for your family.