Saturday, October 11, 2008

...a bit of family nostalgia...

Our parents have sold their home...

...the one we grew up in...raised our family of dolls in...and introduced our own babies to...the one we celebrated years of holidays and birthdays in...and shared a lifetime of laughter and tears in. We've seen many births and deaths between these walls...enjoyed lots of new beginnings and mourned many endings. It has been home to a small family that grew into many.
But, in just a few short weeks "home" will change directions. There's a new little carriage house being built not so far down the street that will become our new family central!
We'd all like to fast forward to the end of November when everything will be unpacked and orderly placed at the new house....there's 30 years worth of STUFF to toss at the "old" house and we owe mom and dad alot of hours of service!
(while they've stayed put for the last few decades, they've helped our families move a collective 9 times!)

So...while I sit and type, there's a HUGE moving sale goingon about 2 miles down the street at mom and dad's house!

Two of the girls have joined Grandma today...apparently making a little money off of our past!

One of things mom came across while she was getting things ready for the sale was the "Tole Booth" sign from her old shop! (I wrote about it here in a post - May 2008) I think seeing the sign was the first time it really sank into me that we are about to leave the past behind and a new chapter is waiting ahead...all the things that have quietly hid in boxes and back corners are being brought out and tossed to make room for new!

If stuff was what defined our family...we'd have less definition...if home really is made out of brick and mortar, then we are about to be homeless!

Thankfully, "true north" does not lead to a building, but the people inside it. While some of the stuff of our past now resides in someone else's homes...the memories of them will move in our hearts as we settle our parents into a new earthly haven down the street....


Sharon said...

oh, my! Now I am weeping as I greet the last browsers at the last garage sale I ever hope to have! So many memories, so much fun, so many tears have been wiped away here. But, we are SOOO looking forward to our new place...with NO yard work!...and time to make more happy memories which will hopefully outnumber the tears in the days to come! Thanks, Terri, for the nostalgic review! Now, out to mark everything "FREE"!


amy said...

We happened upon the sale yesterday. The house is so lovely and it's no wonder where you get your good taste from!
May God bless you all as you start this next chapter, it's gonna be awesome!

The lady of the house... said...

oh no!! i missed the BEST garage sale ever, oh i would have loved those things as though they were my own! anything left?? can you let me know exactly where they will be living? i'd like to make a little "welcome to the neighborhood" gift!! :-)

Anonymous said...

oh...I can sooo relate!

Sharon said...

It's "MOM" working at the shop this morning. Garage sale is over and a big success (if you count getting rid of most of the stuff I had sitting around the house for the past 30 years and making enough to buy some new "stuff" for the library in the new house which will replace a dining room...guess we READ more than we EAT...well, not really!).

To the lady of the house! I read your blog every Thursday when I work at Lulu & Tutz and enjoy reading about your adventures! And, yes, there are some things left if you are looking for furniture or a baby grand piano! There are pictures at the shop if you want to see new cream-colored sofa, cherry dining room set with china cabinet, cherry coffee table, and a Lester baby grand piano. Some of the antiques are now at the shop and more are still at home to sell at hubby kinda went crazy on eBay!
Now on to PACKING!