Friday, November 28, 2008

Mashed Potato overload..

I wish I could say I spent Thanksgiving practicing self-control...but I can't! Thanks to Justin's wonderful cooking skills, I totally overloaded my plate EACH time I reloaded it....and it was several times!
*Here's two facts that I decided on yesterday:
1. From this year on, we are having the meal preparations skip a generation...Justin is our new head chef.
2. I'm a fool for food...especially when made by someone else who is opposed to using LIGHT or DIET anything!!!
Thanks, Justin, for blessing us with your talent!!!

Happy 21st Birthday, Justin...we love you!!!

Happy 7th Birthday, were our favorite little surprise at the end of all the kids!

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Karel Strait said...

Hi Tammi,
I love your blog! You and your sister did a great job on it. The "tour of homes" was well masterminded ending at the manger. Thanks for shining the Light to the world!! Please tell your sister that I was joyfully comforted by her honesty. I am also a second-born and I think I have spent half of my life wondering why I can't keep life neatly packaged like my older sister can (with seemingly little effort I might add). Well, second-borns are just wired differently and its OKAY!!! Also, sweet Judy Martin used to be my babysitter when I was a little girl. From babysitter to homecoming queen to giver she remains sweet and is a fragant aroma in every life she glad she has touched your life. I pray you have a blessed day and a merry Christmas.
Love, Karel