Friday, January 30, 2009

Sneakin' in the back door....

It's hard to sit in here and look at the same old, same old... winter day after winter day...week after week. We've learned not to order anything new until Spring hits...but it's just so stinkin' boring!!!'s just a few new "old" things that are in this week. I admit I snuck them in....Tammi does the books and gives me the OK or NOT OK as far as the checkbook is was bill-paying day so I failed to go through her before trudging around finding these little treasures...and with any luck she won't notice them!
I just couldn't resist....and our customers need something new to look at, too!

Black iron thingy
I believe it originally held a glass lantern....
today it's holding HOPE that Spring is coming soon!!!

White iron caddy w/8 glasses

One (of a pair of) glass lamps w/hanging bobbles
(I've heard of women buying new shoes and hiding them in the back of their closet so that when they finally bring them out and their husbands ask if they bought new shoes....their "honest" response is "NO, I've had these for a while...") I will not take that route with my dear sister....but I will wait.....just for today! Shhh.....
....thanks to Our friend and Starbucks Barista, Julia!
*Shaken Iced Tea and Strawberry Lemonade*


Sophie Rose Designs said...

So many pretty things!! Love your new blog look!!!


Judy said...

I am looking forward to another visit to your amazing store. Keep on makes me even more eager to stop in. So many beautiful and unique items. I do like what you said about "integrity".

The lady of the house... said...

thinking of you today as we enjoy our unexpected snow fall! greeness is under there somewhere. can't you just feel the breeze thru the open door? oh, i can!!

The lady of the house... said...

oh my gosh, VINTAGE SALE AT THE KENDIG/WILLOW STREET GOODWILL TOMORROW AND SATURDAY. they've saved all their vintagy stuff and are putting it out! SEE YOU THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!