Thursday, April 16, 2009

In under the wire...

This post serves no purpose,
and you might finish reading it and wish you had never started.
This is the view out my car window at 8:53 last evening as I waited in line with the other idiots ('scuse me, if that includes you and you do not feel that describes you accurately) who waited until the very LAST MINUTE to postmark their tax returns. April 15th. It comes at the very same time each year. Uncle Sam doesn't change it according to the is ALWAYS the same date. We always know it's coming...and yet...there I was, in line with the other people who live in denial of the inevitable. Sigh... The following pictures are anything but artistic or creative. I almost missed them altogether, but after sitting still for about 45 minutes, I remembered I had my camera....just in time to have the traffic start moving!
Thankfully, there was PO just never know when a brawl might break out due to people pushing to the door to get their post mark stamp first.
The view from where I sat, trying to be nonchalant about both BEING THERE
and taking a picture for evidence.
This is the kind man who loaned (gave) me 17cents to cover my Lancaster County Tax postage that came up short! Seriously...I was totally prepared, postage attached and everything---how was I to know one of the envelopes was stuffed too full for the regular 44cent stamp??? My plan was to get out, drop the envelopes in the proper spot and high-tail it OUT of there in good time. I never took into account I might need to pay postage of any kind....which was evidenced by the fact I had NOT ONE RED CENT WITH ME OR IN MY CAR!!! This kind man had pity on me and offered me his own hard-earned 17cents to cover my stupidity. ( I was preparing to whip out the old VISA when he offered to rescue me!)
sigh....I love kind men.
Which is why I hurried to my car to snap this picture...which is why it's a blur.
Thank you, kind sir!
"I'M NOT OLD..."
On a totally OTHER random note....
This is a picture I took while driving to Lulu & Tutz this morning. (DO you see a car theme?) I looked in my rearview mirror while sitting in construction traffic and laughed out loud when I saw the cutest OLD couple sitting together in their pick-up truck. Again, I whipped out the camera...this time WHILE DRIVING, and attempted to take a few shots to get "Fred and Ethel's" license plate. I was you'll have to trust me that it said:
"I'm not old, just a mature teenager"
They were the cutest things...not speaking a word to each other, but probably enjoying a morning ride for a cup of coffee together..or maybe they couldn't remember where they were going..or each other's names. Whatever. They were having fun just being together.
That's it.
I warned you...
there was absolutely NO point.


Just a little something from Judy said...

The last few years I waited in that same line, asking myself the same questions...why did I wait. This year I went to mail the taxes in the late afternoon, which was a huge step for me. I smiled as I read this. Loved it! Thank goodness for kind people that help us on this journey of life.

B.B. Bellezza said...

Lovely delightful post! I AM glad I read it!

And, I usually am one of those in that line, but not this year! I finally did mine ahead of time!


P.S. I hope to stop by tomorrow- See you soon!

Christine said...

The last year I was in the states I sat in that line... what was i thinking - and you :)
Now I just have to get paperwork in on time so someone else can do them for me.
Thanks for sharing I almost forgot it was tax day - but it is also end of heat day here - so here is to hoping it stays warm.

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