Saturday, May 2, 2009

pink sweaterman...

Ahhh...good laugh....

See that silver car pulling out the driveway???? In it is the cutest old man wearing a pink sweater! He walked in here a minute ago asking for directions. I told him he should stick around and be our shop mascot! He chuckled and told me his friends don't like his sweater, but that's just because they're not secure enough in themselves.

He informed me, "Real men CAN wear pink sweaters AND eat quiche."

I wish I had not been so tickled by him that I forgot to take his picture while he was standing here against our pink walls. His sweater was the exact same shade, and except for his pure white hair I don't think you would have seen him in the picture!!! I totally made a fool of myself in front of the two women walking in the door when I blew past them to snap this shot of him pulling out the driveway! They did not get it. At all.

On another random note....we drove to Lititz last night to pick up a mower part and while waiting for my son to run in to retrieve it, my daughter and I laughed at this sign.... check out the second "B".

..."the bird's in the B"...

I know, totally random...maybe even a little lame. We are a shameless crew.

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