Monday, August 31, 2009

Topsy turvy

This is what you'd see if you looked in the current Lulu & Tutz storage container! It's alot to take in...and a little bit sad to look at.

Surely in time...when I am able to see the big picture that this fits into, it will all be good. I have to believe that is true for my well as for the future of the shop.
The last two weeks have been crazy at the shop! Our 2 day sale was a great success, and it was a fun time of seeing some regular customers, and even meeting a few new ones. A time of conflicting emotions, for sure. The fact that we were forced into this move does not bring about hard feelings at all....we were beginning to see a need for a better location. This just pushed us into it a little bit sooner than we had hoped. Nonetheless, it is done...and I can begin to look forward to the future....whatever that is!
Everything hinges on perfect timing...or so it seems. My summer was broken up into so many phases: My sister's surgery and phasing out of the business, my trip to Africa, a family vacation at the beach, multiple birthdays, preparations for college...more forms, shopping, packing and unloading than I knew possible!....preparing for our SALE, packing up the shop, MOVING the shop in a truck, and finally, getting the other kids off to school TODAY!

LOVE them, but YAY!

I spent the morning at my favorite spot...Panera...tucked in the back comfy chair w/my coffee, my journal, and a book I've been trying to read through for the last month. After the busyness of the good as it all was, it was just time to sit alone and chill.

It's time to get some order in my life. At home and in every other area. As much as I'd like to run right out and sign a new lease for the shop, the smarter part of me says, "just wait." Those two kiddos in the picture above are still here every day. They still need mom (I remind them of that every so often!)...they need me more than Lulu & Tutz does. But the bank account is in need of a deposit. One way or another, things will change and move forward. Hopefully with a new shop space, but I'm open to whatever. So, the time to make a wise decision is now. Wisdom doesn't always come easily...sometimes it takes time to brew and play itself out.

So, I wait. I search. I pray. And I hope. If I'm not careful and get my head off-center, I feel a little like our sign...

...but that's not Wisdom's the part of me that takes its eyes off the end and focuses only on what's in front of me. Looks like a crazy mess from my vantage point. Completely greatful that it doesn't look like that in God's eyes. He's running this show, so I'm trusting Him to color the picture in His time.
Just wanted to let you know I'm still out here....that I've not given up hope of finding a new and better location. Hope pushes me forward into tomorrow...and so we shall see...


Deb said...


So glad to hear you are doing well, even as life transitions are happening and the future is not yet clear. Continued prayers are being sent your way that you and your family may experience blessings beyond what you can even begin to imagine. Knowing that there are three answers to prayer: yes, no and wait (and that the last one is often the most difficult), I also pray for continued patience as you wait and trust.

Best wishes,

Terri said...

Thank you, Deb! yes...I'm in the WAIT phase! I spend alot of time here! You'd think I'd feel all comfy and at home, but I don't! On the otherhand, it keeps my head in the game where it should be and not running the show all on my own! Thanks for your prayers!!!

Jeanne said...

so glad to here you are out there. I love your shop but my working two jobs has had me away from my vintage shopping. are you still selling if we want to buy? how about a web store untill the new shop? thanks, a Ronks neighbor