Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring is peeking through...

I'm beginning to believe it might actually happen.
After a horrifically white winter, Strasburg is almost completely brownish-green again! I give it about another handful of weeks before I'm really seeing Spring, but at this point 50 degrees feels almost tropical! Almost...
I've spent the gray winter months doing some blogging here and here, some planning, some volunteering and some dreaming. I admit I am missing Lulu & Tutz and still trying to work my way into a new job that I could possibly like as much. I didn't realize it was so hard to transition from something you love to ...something else...whatEVER that is!
So, if you thought you were going to hear some announcement about a new store opening...or some other great new venture....I'm not ready to do that. Yet.
Sorry to disappoint, but I will share with you some of the things that have caught my eye this dreary gray winter.
{I apologize that I do not remember where I found some of these pictures...I saved them as ideas, but didn't save the address of the websites I found them on. If it is YOURS, please let me know so I can give YOU the credit!}
I LOVE this Cath Kidston-covered chair! {I believe I read that the chair came from Ikea.} I wish I knew where the pink chair comes cute is she?!? I also love the oilcloth-covered table! {Also a Cath Kidston print, I believe} What a great way to a) cover a damaged table or b) add an instant wipeable surface that won't destroy your table.
Another oilcloth covered table...LOVE it!
Something about this dresser at Wolf's Furniture caught my eye. It's painted in a flat black paint with a scrolled leaf design painted in a glossy black paint.

{Dear Lizzie}

If I lived in UTAH...I would most definitely be spending some long afternoons here at Dear Lizzy. Perusing her website and blog makes me long for Lulu & Tutz days and I wish I could just sit in her Bistro for hours and dream! Tomorrow she is hosting a "Glitter Cups" Workshop.

Read about it on her blog. If only I could get there......

While we're waiting for the green to arrive in full swing around here I'll post a few new items along the side of the blog soon. If you see something you'd like, just let me know and I'd be glad to ship it your way!

"It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light and winter in the shade..." Charles Dickens


Deb said...

well, while you dream of ways to get to Utah, and we all wish for spring, I shall continue to keep fingers crossed for a renewal of Lulu & Tutz at some point. :)

Anonymous said...
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Ursula said...

I'm sorry I didn't even know your store was gone until I drove by it on our way to our hotel 1 month ago. I immediately called my sister and told her to look you up. She never got a chance to go to your store. I will miss it!

Mrs.Rabe said...

I miss your old store too, though I didn't get there as often as I would like (no budget).

I love the oil cloth on the table too - my taste leaning more toward the red with white polka dot...So cheery and fun...

Maybe we could do lunch one day?