Friday, July 11, 2008

The best find at the auction!!!

How cute is he?!?
Yesterday my son and I went to an auction down the street. We happened upon this sweet little Amish boy reading his new comic books! While I know they do NOT like to have their pictures taken, I couldn't resist the picture he made! What you can't see is that he was sitting just off the driveway where people were loading their trucks and dragging things past him! He was oblivious to all else! My kids are like that when they sit on the computer...but not nearly as often when reading a comic book!
Things are pretty slow around here this week....I guess everyone's on vacation. The most exciting thing that's happened around here is a couple of visits from the UPS guy bringing us boxes of new jewelry!!!
Sight and Sound Theater is back open with a new show, "In the Beginning". I think it's bringing more people into town-if you haven't seen one of their shows, you should really plan one into your next vacation! They are really well done and a great way to spend an evening! Check out their website for a listing of their shows!
Here's hoping Saturday is a busier day!!! Come back, come not vacation too long from us!!!


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Anita said...

Love the photo of the little takes me back to growing up in Ohio where we would see kids like this all of the time. Cute charms too.