Friday, July 18, 2008

Painting projects...

Well...I had the brilliant idea that this would be a good week to get started on some painting that I've been putting off for weeks...months...forever. I did NOT factor in that it would be 200 degrees AND humid, though!
This little bench started out its life as a stool for something or other, and now sports a new coat of white paint and a floral cover cut from a vintage tablecloth.
It took a few days, but most of the projects are finished...and NOW I'm glad I started them! I bought these frames at an auction for next to nothing when no one bid on them...they've sat in the back room for weeks as I waited for someone to come along to paint them. No one came, and I almost hung them as is...but now that I see the color on them, I'm glad I didn't. They have personality now where before they were dingy and old-looking. Hmmm....That sounds like what I see in the mirror every morning before donning the makeup!
I hope there's more to me than a coat of paint...

A new addition to the Baby Boutique..."Baby's Firsts" Box.

It's a little chest of drawers with ornaments to commemorate each new "first". It can be used for multiple's really sweet! A "Baby's Firsts" box would make a great shower gift!

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The lady of the house... said...

hi. can i please move into your kitchen???? sorry for the random drop in the other day.

the spray paint worked, but if the guests take one sniff of the flower they will surely be high for the rest of the evening!!!! so, i'll just add sage green to my color theme!!! actually, it will be the only "color" and may be refreshing to the eye!

i'll be by sometime on saturday am/noonish. may i just use your lovely pink clippers????