Monday, July 28, 2008

...a little family history...

We often get asked "What's a Lulu & Tutz?!?" when people walk into the shop....our pink and white sign draws curious people in to investigate! (I actually had some men come in once and say it sounds like a BROTHEL!!!! ummm...NO!)
The story of our shop name goes like this....
Dad (who has a business called Summit Advisory that sells businesses for other people) was selling the Country Store and Creamery for the previous owner, and knew there would be a small store front available for rent. When he suggested we open a shop our reactions were very our personalities do most of the time! I (Terri) immediately began to dream and plan ....and Tammi contemplated, asked questions, and investigated. We'd realize later how important our personality differences are to the success of our business!!!
We spent the next few weeks talking alot about the pros and cons of our decision (something we spent our LIFE doing w/Dad and his yellow legal pads!!!)...after alot of prayer and discussion we decided to take the risk and go for it!
And then came the long process of choosing just the right name for the shop we had formed in our minds' eyes. You wouldn't think it'd be so hard to come up with a catchy name, but it really was! We had our parents, friends, and children in on it and made alot of phone calls between us with ideas! We searched every "sister" quote...inserted every quirky word we could think of...and bantered back and forth for weeks with DiFfErEnT, OdD, and StRaNgE choices, but nothing seemed to stick.
Finally, one day it came to us. Tammi and I were shopping in Bath and Body Works. At the time they sold a product with the name "Lulu" on it. It immediately struck a memory in us and in a matter of minutes we had attached "Tutz" to it. Both were nicknames that our Grandma Edgett called us...a shop name was established!
Jim and Rita Edgett

Our Grandparents just celebrated their 70th Anniversary. They live in Massachusetts, so we don't get to see them often enough....but we think of them every day when people ask about our name and where it came from. We've been blessed with a Godly heritage...


Laura Pfeffer said...

Thats funny that your grandmom calls/called you Lulu and Tutz because my grandmom calls my cousin Melissa Lulu and me sometimes Tutz!

Anonymous said...

This is so wonderful!

Erica Chapman said...

I had such a good time in your store this past weekend. I bought a beautiful necklace and set of cordial glasses. I just used one of the glasses this evening just a bit of pineapple coconut ice cream (the pretty glasses help with moderation).

And I appreciate you sharing the story behind the name of your shop. I had such fun opening my packages once I got home and reccounting my visit to my roommate. She thought the shiny pink wrapping was a very nice touch. Indeed!

A godly heritage sometimes seems so rare these days. What a testimony, 70 years of marriage. My grandparents just enjoyed their 55th anniversary. And my grandpa has been the main caretaker for my grandma, such a demonstration of selfless love.

Take care! Can't wait to visit your shop again!