Saturday, December 6, 2008

Help us help our neighbors in need...

In this season of economic lean-ness we wish to spread the blessing of Christmas to our community by collecting canned goods for our Church Pantry. Our church currently serves as the only resource of groceries for several local families and we’d like to help add to the pantry AND include you, our customers, in doing so! By doing this together, each of us shares in the blessing of giving to those in real need this Christmas. *To thank you for helping us collect these items we’d like you to draw a Discount -anywhere from 20-50% off your total bill- out of a bowl here at the counter! (Excludes current sale items. Antiques and our consignment items are 10% off) We have some *NEW* gift ideas and stocking stuffers…you have 2 ½ weeks until Christmas morning! May the Joy of Christmas fill your hearts and homes this season and in the New Year ahead.

Merry Christmas Tammi and Terri

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Dru said...

Hi - love your store, love the "feel" of what you do there, and whenever I stop in I just relax and smile and remember things from my own family and eras past...I really enjoyed your Christmas blog, and responded to the one about buying the homemade hat and gloves, my sixteen year-old has already peeked in the bag and rejoiced. Keep up the good work and Merry Christmas to you and yours! Dru