Saturday, December 13, 2008

Top 10 Reasons to finish your shopping in Strasburg...

Time is running out...
If you've procrastinated, been too busy, or just don't know where to begin,
Let us give you the

Reason #1

We're still having a SALE! Not only does it please your budget, but it benefits those in need.

Our wonderful customers have filled one box to overflowing!

When you visit us at Lulu & Tutz, you will be blessed by meeting some of our wonderful customers. This is Judy Martin from Lancaster. She came in with a full bag of food yesterday for our Pantry and REFUSED to draw a discount on her purchases!!! She was excited to join us in giving to those in need- and is just plain SWEET! We're so thankful for our awesome customers!

Reason #3

Yesterday Mr. UPS dropped by with a box of one of our favorite products! YUMMY smelling lotions and perfume from Lollia! My personal favorite was packed in that box...maybe why I was so eager to unpack the box....It's the "Relax" scent. Its' name suits it, as I find myself relaxing everytime I lotion up! It has a NEW partner on our shelf...Eau De Parfum- "Lavender and Honey". I've been sprayed and slathered and am Relaxing right now!

Reason #4

The Sipping Chocolate is ON and waiting to be sampled!
Enough said...
Reason #5

We've just filled up with last minute stocking stuffer ideas...

Reason #6

We have lots of beautiful HANDMADE items.
Locally HANDMADE items make the best're supporting some pretty creative people AND giving a gift that's been made with alot of care. (They're flying off the shelves, so we know we're on to something good!)
Reason #7

The Creamery has Holiday Ice Cream Flavors!

I hear there are tubs and tubs of handmade sugary goodness being made next door at the Creamery...Holly Berry, Candy Cane and Rum Raisin peeked my interest! I heard something about a Holiday Dessert special, too! YUMMY!!!

(You can't get THAT at the Mall of America, my friends!)

Reason #8

Someone on your list needs a warm hat and a matching pair of gloves!

Reason #9

Little Suzie needs some slippers and cousin Frankie wants a flashdrive for school.

Reason #10

The self-appointed Princess/teenager in your house would LOVE some Christmas BLINGage!

AND...because we like to give you more than what you bargained for...

The 11th Reason why you should come to Strasburg to finish your last minute Christmas shopping is this:

The thought of a crowded mall makes your skin crawl and the bus traffic at the outlets makes you want to pull your hair out....While you will find very little of that in the little town of Strasburg, what you will find are small business owners happy to see you and who personally want to help you complete your shopping...Free of pushing, shoving and obnoxious shoppers! Bonus.


amy said...

fabulous and funny post!

Jeane` Miller said...

What a lovely little customer you had visit! Hmmmm...i WONDER what she had in those bags perched upon your counter???? :)
If she didn't tell you (which she probably did not!), she has her own blog which has quite a following! I think you would like it too! You can find it at

I wish I lived closer to your shop...and I'm sure my husband is glad I do not! :)

This was a very creative posting and i enjoyed looking at all those fun things!


Sophie Rose Designs said...

Ooooooh, I wish I lived closer!!! I would definitely come to your shop! It looks beautiful!!!


Anonymous said...

I love the Lollia so much that I only use a teeny-tiny amount because I never want it to end!!!!

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Anonymous said...

How did you name the store Lulu and Tutz. I had to stop and photograph your sign. My girlfriend's nickname is Lulu and her cat's name is Attitude, but we call her Tutz! How coincidental is that!

Mark from Sunbury, PA