Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm speechless...

...REALLY, I am!
Not because of some great event or momentous occasion...but more the lack thereof! Maybe brain-dead is a better description. Seriously, I have not been in the shop for over a week and I have absolutely nothing to say! I've spent most of my lazy week on my couch nursing a cold and a strange lump that formed on the back of my head! (The Dr says it's some kind of swollen lymph node or something....and on the verge of an infection--thus the throbbing and pain!) I've barely left my house...actually, barely had much of a conversation at all with anyone but my kids! I have NO IDEA what my sister did with her week off! Pathetic....or totally narcissistic! It wasn't intentional that I stayed wrapped in a little cocoon all week...but I did secretly enjoy it!
So, now I'm back among the living...back at the shop....and totally alone again because it's too COLD for anyone else to leave THEIR houses!!! I know we're probably just big babies, but THIS.... about how cold it felt in the shop this morning when we came in to turn the heat on for the first time in over a week!!!! IT WAS 42 IN HERE!!!! Not as cold as the 10 degrees or so that it is outside...but it feels almost the same! It's almost 4pm and the heat has finally made it up past 60 to a semi-comfortable temperature of 64!
The Power company will make a few extra dollars off of us this month....and we don't care!
I don't know if we have any Russian readers here...but you have not been far from my mind this week, knowing that many have had all heat shut off.
We have it may be slow, but the heat is blowing out...can't complain about that.


The lady of the house... said...

yes, my thoughts have wandered your way, but my body has stayed put! i'm walking around with a jacket on and when i sit on the couch i have to put a blanket over my shoulders because there is literally a breeze coming in our old farmhouse windows. i use to think my Mom looked so funny always putting a blanket over her shoulders like a prayer shawl, but NOW i understand it was most likely, because she too lived in an old farmhouse. I was reading gardening magazines today, warming my insides.
glad you're better and stay warm when at all possible!!

Anonymous said...

We can relate to you here at cold...portable heaters are the only thing that saves me in my tiny "pink" office...Can I just say I LOVE my bag...I feel so "chic"....!

Love, Carm

* What is with the lump...never heard of such a thing?!