Friday, April 24, 2009

Retreat to Strasburg...

I'm a little crazy over the word RETREAT right now...I'm counting down to 6 hours before I retreat from Strasburg to a great little camp in Maryland with about 40 teenagers from our church and a couple hundred from other churches. I've been texting back and forth with a few of them this morning and we're all chomping at the bit to RETREAT from life for a few days!!! They've predicted temps in the 80's...couldn't ask for anything more fitting on that little camp along the Bay!
Retreat, retreat, Oh, sweet RETREAT here I come!!!!
On another note....
I was pleasantly surprised this morning to come across a link on a local B&B's website to our blog. Upon visiting the Rose Garden B&B's site I found a great page of local attractions that they provide for their guests. So, as a thank you, I thought I'd feature them on OUR site to perhaps entice those of you who read from afar to someday plan a retreat to Strasburg, Lancaster Co.!
The Rose Garden Bed and Breakfast is about a mile down the street from us on a back country road, surrounded by Amish farmland...I recognized it right away as it is often on my morning walking route! I've never had the opportunity to look inside, but their website gives a nice peek! While I'm in the mode, would it be odd for me to pack a bag and walk down the street for a little hometown retreat?
Check them out...and plan a weekend retreat with them someday!


The lady of the house... said...

OH, have a wonderful weekend!!! what a GREAT time of year to get away and be refreshed....and there's nothing like being with lots of folks who are younger then you to bring you back to life and what really matters!!

thanks for your comment and beware because I may seriously take you up on that offer! look for balloons on our mailbox....i've got them in pink and in blue!
see you around town!!

Anonymous said...

Are you by any chance got to Charter Hall!!!

Anonymous said...

Oops never mind...that would be too small...Sandy Cove sounds more like it!!!!


Jessica Fox said...

Thanks for the comment--I'm glad you are enjoying reading my blog! I love being here and I'm happy to be able to share my experiences through my posts!

I'm sorry I won't be here longer! It's going to be some hard good byes. I pray that when you are out here that God uses you to bless others through your service! Que Dieu vous bénisse!