Saturday, April 4, 2009

the unveiling...

Is this display weird...morbid even?? Way back in the storage room hung this wedding dress, just waiting to be put to good use again. It has spent most of its' life packed away in our parent's attic...thus the yellowing. Chances are none of our daughters will be wanting to wear this dress...for obvious I've been feeling bad for it, thinking it needs a purpose- needs a job. So, this afternoon I dragged her out to the front, dressed her up with a few beads & sparkles and gave her a job. "Stand still, and look pretty!"

Dragging her out and dressing her on the mannequin brought back a few bitter sweet memories of a day when I was that mannequin...full of dreams for the future. In a way she represents happier times....or maybe unrealistic expectations...I'm not sure. Touching her again...feeling the satin..the lace...buttoning up the back reminds me of how far I have come from the day she was buttoned on me.

Years ago, this process would have brought tears...I may not have been able to display her at all. But seeing her standing there alone--with her friend at her side--I'm smiling. Like me, she had another plan...she probably dreamed that one day someone would wear her down a long aisle again. But the plan happened...and a new purpose was found. Like me, she'll adjust....decide it's ok after all, and adapt to her job...she'll stand up because she can.

How like us, she is.

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Just a little something from Judy said...

I want to comment...the words are just not coming. Words always come for me...but, this is different. Way down inside is a deep hurt and pain that came upon me as I read each of your words on this post. Like the mannequin, you do have a new purpose, and like her, you continue to look beautiful through it all. Thank you for sharing your heart on this Sunday afternoon. It certainly did touch my heart in a profound way.