Friday, May 22, 2009


...even on a seemingly slow and mundane day just a tiny, little something can
perk you up and make it all worthwhile!
It's such a gorgeous day much so that everyone has apparently decided to stay home and work in their gardens or hold themselves up in their air conditioned homes...instead of visiting us! I've been here all afternoon with only a few customers peeking their heads in the door. I spent a little time in the sun outside, a little time searching the web for new products, and a little time perusing blogs. But up until about an hour ago I was basically alone in Lulu & Tutz....that is, until a group of women came in and loaded up my counter with purchases, followed by 15 day old Sydney Paige who showed up with her proud parents to bless this place!!!

How sweet is she?!?!
She slept through the whole ordeal while everyone who walked in
ooh-ed and ahh-ed all over her! I told her parents it's been a slow, lonely day in here...and asked if I could take a shot of the best thing that's come through the door all day!!! Of course, proud parents are always MORE than HAPPY to share their bundles of joy!!! So, thank you, mom and dad for shopping and sharing!
Blessings to sweet Sydney Paige as she grows and goes throughout her life!

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Just a little something from Judy said...

What a precious post! God's blessing come in so many different size packages, like this one who brightened your day, along with the purchases that were included. Love when that happens, and when people like you take the time to notice.