Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Yesterday my dad and I spent some time here:

He very kindly devoted his morning to walking me through some things in regards to the future of Lulu & Tutz and the possibility of relocating to a new building in Strasburg. There's so much that goes into a business's move.

Location, Location, Location means EVERYTHING...so in dad's favorite style, legal pad in hand, we hashed through all the pro's and con's... And...now we wait for some answers to come through...or fall through! That wasn't much by way of an update now, was it?!? Sorry...can't give you more details until things progress for certain. I had a customer call and panic about our closing at the end of the month...NOT THE PLAN...at least not as of today. While we will obviously be closing at some point this summer to pack things up, it's not expected to be a permanent close....just temporary as we work on the next location.

As I told her, just check back here periodically, it's where you'll find the details of the next step.

For this week, here's the scoop....I'm here until Friday, but then I'm headed with my son to Gabon, Africa on a missions trip w/our church youth.

We will be gone for 10 days, and unfortunately the shop will be closed during that time...it's just the only way.

We will be closed June 27-July 9, reopening on July 10th.

I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may be to you, but I hope you'll be patient with us this summer as we work through the changes and all that comes with it.

My hope is that by the Fall things will begin to settle down and go back to"normal"

....but we'll have to wait and see what's in store!

If you wish to keep up with our team while we are in Africa, feel free to join us here http://lancasterallianceyouth.blogspot.com/

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Deb said...

Terri, Will keep you, your son and the rest of the mission team in my prayers. May God grant you traveling mercies and may you be blessed as you serve as the hands and feet of Christ. Also praying that you will find a suitable new location for your wonderfully charming boutique!