Friday, October 5, 2007


We most definitely need someone who is ALOT more computer savvy than we are!!! It seriously took me all afternoon to put three listings on eBay!!! I've done it before, but for some reason this time it just seemed to be endless!!! Whew! Every time I tried to look back at something else, my current page cleared, causing me to have to start over several times! Anyway, it's done... Until we get a website up and running, we'll see how eBay does for us. Right now there's just some "Neesh" clothing on there. I love their things, by the way....pricey, but they are really cute -especially the skirts! I can't wait to see the new J & I jewelry we ordered at the Philly show! I wanted one of everything! I love their rings, and would wear a new one every day of the week if I could afford it! When I grow up I want to be able to make beautiful jewelry like that...I'm trying to convince my niece, Eden, that she can make things just as lovely and sell them at the shop....she's not buying it, yet. We decided to check out Lancaster's First Friday this was a busy town! We're trying to put some similar "happenings" together in our little town of Strasburg, but it really doesn't compare...we're just so teeny in comparison. Tammi had the better idea when she grabbed a good friend and a cup of coffee in her new favorite place the "Prince Street Cafe"....I found her there relaxing and having fun w/out any kids!!! Mine were with me, giving the evening a little different flavor - I tried not to be too jealous of her adult evening!!! Well, it just turned into before crawling into bed I'll leave you with this quote by Oliver Wendell holmes.... "Learn the sweet magic of a cheerful face"... Tomorrow's a new day....never too late for that sweet magic!


Crystal Weaver said...

Go For It! Your town could see something like we have in Lancaster City. I love the charm of Strasburg! I am one of the owners of Prince Street Cafe - We never thought we'd see our dreams come true but here we are - living them out! Don't be afraid to give it all you have! Best of wishes to you and your business!

Crystal Weaver

Lulu & Tutz said...

My sister and her friend Cindy enjoyed their evening at the the time I arrived the place was packed and the kids were ready to head home!! I can't wait to stop by again on my own! I LOVE Julia Swartz's gallery upstairs, too!
Thanks for the encouraging words and a great place to hang out!